Monday, April 14, 2008

Rendering with Powua

I just learned about the Powua super internet computer. I will try it out and see how it works, but if it works out, I might be using Powua to render THE FILTHY SPOON.

They give you 25 points free for sighing up. There is also a student discount as well.

I was worried about render time, counting all of the computers I had avalible to render it looks like the problem may have been solved!

I am going to see if Cory can do some render tests in differing resolutions. HD should not be a problem with Powua (Blender default size), and maybe...just maybe I could go even BIGGER!


The Movie Maker said...

How expensive is Powua? I can see why it would be a tempting option.

The Filthy Spoon said...

"Since we are in Beta you can test the service for free. By subscribing
you will receive automatically 25 credits as welcome bonus.

After that, if you need further credits you will be able to ask for
them by sending a mail to, specifying your Powua username
and providing a little info about how you are going to use your

The price after the beta period will be about one euro per PowuaCredit,
which means one euro per dual core CPU per hour. There is a more
detailed explanation of our new credits system in the Powua User's
Manual available at"