Friday, May 16, 2008

Dust and Particles

JC Said in regards to my dust particles video...

Interesting... I would assume this means you're going to have one shot at least
focusing on the particles? I don't know that I've ever seen an animated film
with dust in the air...interesting thought.One thing I noticed--the particles
don't seem to have quite enough randomness in their motion. If you look at a
beam of light through a dusty room and watch the particles, the only way you're
going to get them all traveling up or down at one time is if there is a major
draft, from an open window or air-conditioning vent or something like that. All
that to say: it looks good, but more random motion would be nice.

In the film TOY STORY 2 and CARS there is a scene where there is a lot of dust, which is from something old being moved around. I am thinking of having dust particles in the air when Willy firts emerges, and maybe in another scene that will just be for the "wow" factor.

Here is my latest dust test.


John Calvin said...

Hmmm...Volumetric lighting, I see. Can't say I remember the dust in TS, although I seem to recall some in CARS. Just not something I took special note of.

Pretty good anim test..what if you composited a quick particle layer like the one you had before over the volumetric light field? That might be interesting...

John Calvin

The Filthy Spoon said...

The shot in Toy Story 2 is when Woody finds the toy penguin (who was a nod to Linux). In Cars, it is when McQueen finds out that Doc was a retired race car, McQueen moves a bunch of old boxes and stuff which cause a lot of dust to fly up.

Anonymous said...

cant see video ?