Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whats up!?

Why have there been no post you ask? Because Jeremiah has been helping with "The Widow's Might" a film mentioned in a previous post. And I have been working and doing school. So the already limited time we have had to work on the film has lessened. So the project has slowed down some.

Not to worry though, the storyboards are done most of the modeling is done and some texturing remains before we can go into full animation. We will be working on it over the winter and try to pick and finish during next summer. Rather than rush the project I think it is best to go for quality and make it as best we can with our limited crew.

-"We will succeed!"-

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Ataru said...

Gotta sympathize with you there. I'm trying to balance my current film production with school, family, friends, and other projects. Makes for a difficult endeavor. Hope you succeed! Sounds like good progress!